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Cold Pressed vs CO2 Extraction

Cold Pressed vs CO2 Extraction

Both cold-pressed and CO2 extraction methods are used to extract oils and other compounds from plants, including CBD. Here are some differences between the two methods:

    • Process: Cold-pressed extraction involves mechanically pressing the plant material to extract the oil, while CO2 extraction uses carbon dioxide to extract the oil.

    • Yield: CO2 extraction tends to produce a higher yield of CBD oil compared to cold-pressed extraction.

    • Purity: CO2 extraction is considered a more pure method of extraction, as it doesn't leave behind any residual solvents or chemicals. Cold-pressed extraction may result in some impurities in the final product.

    • Cost: CO2 extraction is generally more expensive than cold-pressed extraction, due to the high cost of the equipment needed for the process.

    • Environmental impact: CO2 extraction is considered a more environmentally friendly method, as it doesn't require the use of harmful chemicals or solvents.

Both cold-pressed and CO2 extraction methods can produce high-quality CBD oil, but CO2 extraction is generally considered to be the superior method due to its higher yield, purity, and environmental impact.  We use the purest 99.9% CBD oil in all of our delicious products with all of our production batches and lab test each one individually so we can guarantee strength and purity.

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